portal to Hell

Using a blood sacrifice and an ancient ritual involving the nine totems of the Thorned Crown, Harriken ripped open a small portal to Hell.

The first important fact about the portal is that it’s size directly correlates to the amount and power of the demons that can come through. When Harriken opened the portal, he simply walked away, knowing that the governmental response would work in his favor.

The first demons to come through, shades, began causing havoc. And when the local military found the source, which didn’t take long, they tried to blow it up. And this revealed the second important fact about the portal: heat makes it bigger. The hotter it gets, the larger it gets. And the larger it gets…the more comes through.

As larger and stronger demons began coming through, triggering the First Invasion, the military went on a full on attack, beginning the Seattle War. Less than a year later, demonic agents seized American submarine in the Puget Sound and successfully launched a nuclear missile directly at the Portal.

The resulting blast destroyed most of what was left of Seattle and over the next six months allowed in enough demons to leater begin the Second and Third Invasions. It is widely believed by many that the following fallout either caused the Mutation Curse or at the very least acted as a delivery mechanism, although neither theory has been proven.

It wasn’t until the navies of the USA, Russia, and China organized together into the short-lived Northern Pacific Alliance to perform Project Polar Strike that the influx of demonic armies was slowed. The various navies broke apart the ice pack of the Northern Polar Ice Cap and began towing the chunks south through the Pacific Ocean and into the Puget Sound.

From there, air strikes broke the massed icebergs apart and firebombing increased melting speed. The result flooded the Seattle crater, despite the attempts to block such by the demonic Hordes. It is believes that this significantly slowed, if not outright stopped, the arrival of more demonic soldiers for many years. During the War, and following, the Hordes built structures on and under the water’s surface to encover and expose the portal, and they are constantly searching for fuel to burn to increase its size.

portal to Hell

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