Warped Path

4. Motel Madness
Madness, like oil, floats to the surface.

The party rented rooms in a decent inn, after securing the party loot in the wagon strongbox and storing it in the hotel garage, which is fairly secure and oft used for this purpose.

They rented out five rooms on the end of the wing on the third floor. Colt pranced about naked in the hall, bribing the concierge when confronted, effectively giving him free reign to prance about wearing nothing but his bat-wings, his antlers, and a smile. David took a long-awaited bath.

Sancho and Reginald located a small medical clinic that quietly supplies blood for those with the Thirst. After slaking their need, they returned to the inn in time to see Colt hitting on their local contact, fellow Order agent Mariella.

Mariella briefed the crew about the local situation in regards to the Order mandate they all had recently received, wherein they are required to locate a backpack containing a mobilized primary stripped from a nuclear warhead.

They need to attend an auction for the device, and so are planning to ambush an approaching party for the money (and identities) that are being brought to attend the auction.


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